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Saxifrage Sax"i*frage (?; 48), n. [L. saxifraga, from saxifragus stone-breaking; saxum rock + frangere to break: cf. F. saxifrage. See Fracture, and cf. Sassafras, Saxon.] (Bot.) Any plant of the genus Saxifraga, mostly perennial herbs growing in crevices of rocks in mountainous regions. Burnet saxifrage, a European umbelliferous plant (Pimpinella Saxifraga). Golden saxifrage, a low half-succulent herb (Chrysosplenium oppositifolium) growing in rivulets in Europe; also, C. Americanum, common in the United States. See also under Golden. Meadow saxifrage, or Pepper saxifrage. See under Meadow., Burnet Bur"net, n. [OE. burnet burnet; also, brownish (the plant perh. being named from its color), fr. F. brunet, dim. of brun brown; cf. OF. brunete a sort of flower. See Brunette.] (Bot.) A genus of perennial herbs (Poterium); especially, P.Sanguisorba, the common, or garden, burnet. Burnet moth (Zo["o]l.), in England, a handsome moth (Zyg[ae]na filipendula), with crimson spots on the wings. Burnet saxifrage. (Bot.) See Saxifrage. Canadian burnet, a marsh plant (Poterium Canadensis). Great burnet, Wild burnet, Poterium (or Sanguisorba) oficinalis.

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- the burnet saxifrage is a plant, pimpinella saxifraga of the family umbelliferae a native of the british isles and temperate europe and
- known as saxifrages the latin word saxifraga means literally 'stone-breaker', from other 'saxifragous' plants: burnet-saxifrages, pimpinella
- pimpinella major, common name greater burnet-saxifrage or hollowstem burnet saxifrage, is a herbaceous perennial plant in the genus
- the grassland has a variety of wild flowers including burnet saxifrage and the rare great burnet see also : nature reserves in barnet
- greater burnet-saxifrage , pimpinella major , , burnet-saxifrage , pimpinella saxifraga , , ground-elder , aegopodium
- in less managed areas there are wild flowers such as burnet saxifrage , and around the edges of the site ash and sycamore are evolving
- burnet may refer to. people : burnet (surname) living things : plants in the genus sanguisorba burnet saxifrage , a plant used as a herb. other uses
- saxifrage or saxifraga is the name of a plant genus. other plants : pimpinella saxifraga members, burnet saxifrage. members, the golden-saxifrages
- quaking-grass (briza media), and downland herbs such as burnet-saxifrage (pimpinella saxifraga), salad-burnet (sanguisorba minor),
- saxifraga , burnet saxifrage , , pinus densiflora , japanese red pine , , piper auritum , mexican pepperleaf , known as hoja santa (holy leaf).

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