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Burnet Bur"net, n. [OE. burnet burnet; also, brownish (the plant perh. being named from its color), fr. F. brunet, dim. of brun brown; cf. OF. brunete a sort of flower. See Brunette.] (Bot.) A genus of perennial herbs (Poterium); especially, P.Sanguisorba, the common, or garden, burnet. Burnet moth (Zo["o]l.), in England, a handsome moth (Zyg[ae]na filipendula), with crimson spots on the wings. Burnet saxifrage. (Bot.) See Saxifrage. Canadian burnet, a marsh plant (Poterium Canadensis). Great burnet, Wild burnet, Poterium (or Sanguisorba) oficinalis.

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- sanguisorba canadensis, or canadian burnet, is a perennial in the family rosaceae native to north america, commonly growing in bogs,
- jean robertson burnet (1920 – september 14, 2009) was a canadian academic specializing in ethnic studies. burnet, a specialist in
- larkspur monkshood (aconitum delphiniifolium), eschscholtz's buttercup (ranunculus eschscholtzii), and canadian burnet (sanguisorba canadensis).
- tuber ous grass-pink , ten-angle pipewort , large-leaved grass of parnassus , queen-of-the-prairie , sticky false-asphodel and canada burnet .
- peter burnet (before 1800 – 1859 or later) merchant and political figure in lower canada . short description canadian politician , date
- douglas burnet smith (born in 1949, in winnipeg , canada ) is a canadian poet. he is the author of fifteen volumes of poetry.
- the common name is burnet. description: the plants are perennial sanguisorba canadensis - canadian burnet, white burnet. sanguisorba caucasica
- main page: list of canadian plants by family rosaceae : sanguisorba canadensiscanada burnet. sanguisorba menziesii — menzies' burnet
- canadensis is a new latin term meaning of canada which is used in taxonomy to sanguisorba canadensis , common name canadian burnet
- sanguisorba canadensis l. - canadian burnet g5, s2, t rubiaceae - (madder family) houstonia caerulea l. (syn. hedyotis caerulea) -

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