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Canadian Ca*na"di*an, a. Of or pertaining to Canada. -- n. A native or inhabitant of Canada. Canadian period (Geol.), A subdivision of the American Lower Silurian system embracing the calciferous, Quebec, and Chazy epochs. This period immediately follows the primordial or Cambrian period, and is by many geologists regarded as the beginning of the Silurian age, See the Diagram, under Geology.

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- a down is a period in which a play transpires in american and canadian football . the down is a distinguishing characteristic of the
- the history of canada covers the period from the arrival of paleo-indians recent immigrant customs have combined to form a canadian culture .
- this is a list of aircraft of canada's air forces. the list does not include aircraft flown by canadian pilots serving in the royal flying
- carboniferous period it was first named by brooks in 1962 and contains the species acadiocaris novascotica named by copeland in 1957 for
- was the 1960s period of intense change in quebec , canada , characterized by the influential prime minister was unique in canadian politics.
- question period known officially as oral questions (questions orales) occurs each sitting day in the canadian house of commons .
- professor peter jull is a canadian political scientist and academic who has canadian period : jull worked in the canadian privy council
- canada–haiti relations are relations between canada and haiti . as of 2009, haiti is the second largest recipient of canadian aid after
- a fellowship is the period of medical training in the united states and canada that a physician or dentist may undertake after
- owing to the canadian government's policies on tied aid , development assistance to mali over the period 1960–2007 has returned to

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