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Harmonica Har*mon"i*ca, n. [Fem. fr. L. harmonicus harmonic. See Harmonic, n. ] 1. A musical instrument, consisting of a series of hemispherical glasses which, by touching the edges with the dampened finger, give forth the tones.

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- the harmonica, also french harp, blues harp , and mouth organ is a free reed wind instrument used worldwide in nearly every musical
- the richter-tuned harmonica, or 10-hole harmonica (in asia) or blues harp (in america ), is the most widely known type of harmonica .
- the glass harmonica, also known as the glass armonica, bowl organ, hydrocrystalophone, or simply the armonica (derived from αρμονία
- the steirische harmonika (pronounced sht- irish eh harmonica) is a type of bisonoric diatonic button accordion important to the alpine
- the chromatic harmonica is a type of harmonica that uses a button-activated sliding bar to redirect air from the hole in the mouthpiece to
- diatonic harmonica refers to various kinds of single key harmonica: image:suzuki_humming. png , tremolo harmonica . in asia, diatonic
- there are numerous techniques available for harmonica . a few are described here. of how to do such techniques, visit the harmonica wikibook.
- george 'harmonica' smith (april 22, 1924 – october 2, 1983 (born allen george smith) was an american electric blues harmonica player
- tremolo harmonicas are a type of harmonica , distinct by having two reeds per note. in a tremolo harmonica the two reeds are tuned
- since the 1940s, a number of concerto s (as well as non-concerto works) have been written for the harmonica , both as a solo instrument as

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