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Musical Mu"sic*al, a. [Cf. F. musical.] Of or pertaining to music; having the qualities of music; or the power of producing music; devoted to music; melodious; harmonious; as, musical proportion; a musical voice; musical instruments; a musical sentence; musical persons. Musical, or Music, box, a box or case containing apparatus moved by clockwork so as to play certain tunes automatically. Musical fish (Zo["o]l.), any fish which utters sounds under water, as the drumfish, grunt, gizzard shad, etc. Musical glasses, glass goblets or bowls so tuned and arranged that when struck, or rubbed, they produce musical notes. CF. Harmonica, 1.

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- says that 'this musical side to his interests makes it likely that culminated in the verse angliae speculum, or, england's looking-glasse (1646).
- external links : cyril glassé, the concise encyclopedia of islam ibn tumart condemned unveiled women and musical instruments. abun-nasr, a
- william cuningham 's cosmographical glasse he produced the first reflecting a rise in musical literacy during the period the whole booke
- and is also musical director of ludlow choral society in shropshire a glasse of blessings (george herbert) for satb (3'30') antiphon
- the album was a cross-country inventory of swing musical styles - from dixieland to personnel : paul glasse - mandolin don reed - strings
- islam does allow singing without musical accompaniment within title the new encyclopedia of islam , last glassé , first cyril , year 2001
- (such as rené guénon and cyril glassé) define sufism as simply the salafi islamists have destroyed musical instruments and driven
- form of a traditional musical orchestra with twenty to fifty disciples. 'title the new encyclopedita of islam , last cyril , first glassé
- jon glasse-derkeley — arts critic and 'cultural entrepreneur'. wednesday may 17, 2006); a musical mystery today surrounded britain's
- in 1959 he made his musical debut playing captain boyle in the ill- jordan , the great sinner , armand de glasse , the philco-goodyear

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