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Officer Of"fi*cer, n. [F. officier. See Office, and cf. Official, n.] 1. One who holds an office; a person lawfully invested with an office, whether civil, military, or ecclesiastical; as, a church officer; a police officer; a staff officer. ``I am an officer of state.' --Shak. 2. (U. S. Mil.) Specifically, a commissioned officer, in distinction from a warrant officer. Field officer, General officer, etc. See under Field, General. etc. Officer of the day (Mil.), the officer who, on a given day, has charge for that day of the quard, prisoners, and police of the post or camp. Officer of the deck, or Officer of the watch (Naut.), the officer temporarily in charge on the deck of a vessel, esp. a war vessel.

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- merchant, personnel keep watch on the bridge and over the running machinery. watchstanders are a lookout and an officer or mate who is
- officer of the deck (ood) is a position in the united states navy and united boatswain's mate of the watch (bmow), quartermaster of the
- the national operational intelligence watch officer's network (noiwon) is a secure telephone conference-call system between major washington
- watch commander stan merkel is a fictional character in dc comics ' shared and is among the first police officer to see the returning
- of rules governing sentry (guard or watch) duty in the united states armed forces . deck , and officers and petty officers of the watch only..
- when a ship is underway the bridge is manned by an oow (officer of the watch) aided usually by an ab (able seaman) acting as lookout .
- duty officer is the name of a rotating position assigned to a junior military officer in a duty or watch system . the duty officer is
- on larger vessels, there is a separate officer of the watch , who is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and gives orders to
- is a former police officer and watch commander in the manila the widow of a slain police officer, she rose through the ranks of the
- third watch is an american television drama series ensemble cast of characters portraying police officers of the new york city police

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