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Madder Mad"der, n. [OE. mader, AS. m[ae]dere; akin to Icel. ma?ra.] (Bot.) A plant of the Rubia (R. tinctorum). The root is much used in dyeing red, and formerly was used in medicine. It is cultivated in France and Holland. See Rubiaceous. Note: Madder is sometimes used in forming pigments, as lakes, etc., which receive their names from their colors; as. madder yellow. Field madder, an annual European weed (Sherardia arvensis) resembling madder. Indian madder, the East Indian Rubia cordifolia, used in the East for dyeing; -- called also munjeet. Wild madder, Rubia peregrina of Europe; also the Galium Mollugo, a kind of bedstraw.

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- species r. tinctorum , binomial rubia tinctorum , binomial_authority l. rubia tinctorum, the common madder or dyer's madder, is a plant
- the primary madder species from which alizarin historically has been obtained is rubia tinctorum external links : shanker, r.; mahanta, d.;
- (mainly rubia tinctorum ) have been used since ancient times as a external links: title r acta plantarum. category:rubia category:plants
- dyer's knotweed 1 dyer's knotweed (polygonum tinctorum) is an indigo r reactive dye 1 reactive dye s are a class of synthetic dyes that
- r 3 ranunculus asiaticus ranunculus chionophilus ranunculus cuneatus rubia tinctorum rubus bifrons rubus collinus rubus hedycarpus
- asafoetida and rubia tinctorum madder (rubia tinctorum ) and references: last chancey , first jill r., ed. , title by native hands:
- frequency~480–400 , r 255 , g 0 , b 0 , rgbspace srgb , source x11 people was made from the roots of the rubia tinctorum , the madder plant.
- species r. cordifolia , binomial rubia cordifolia , binomial_authority l. , the substance was also derived other species; rubia tinctorum
- purpurin occurs in the roots of the madder plant (rubia tinctorum porramate , last4 gowda , first4 sanketh r , last5 pradhan , first5
- it is called field madder because of its resemblance to madder (rubia tinctorum ), which is a better known external links: r. clapham, t.

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