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Debatable De*bat"a*ble, a. [Cf. OF. debatable. See Debate.] Liable to be debated; disputable; subject to controversy or contention; open to question or dispute; as, a debatable question. The Debatable Land or Ground, a tract of land between the Esk and the Sark, claimed by both England and Scotland; the Batable Ground.

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- debatable land is a guardian fiction prize winning novel by scottish author candia mcwilliam . the novel seeks to raise questions about
- the debatable lands, also known as debatable ground, batable ground or thriep lands was land lying between scotland and england , formerly
- debatable land , published in 1994, won the guardian fiction prize , and in 1998 its italian translation won the premio grinzane cavour
- the year 1552 to mark the division of the debatable lands and thereby settle the the debatable land was physically divided into two halves
- debatable land (isbn 978-981-04-2623-1) is a collection of short stories set in southeast asia that focus on the region’s political
- other works, such as herbert bolton and mary ross's the debatable land helped shed light on the military struggles of the southeast during
- guardian fiction prize winners : 1994 candia mcwilliam , debatable land 1995 james buchan , heart's journey in winter. , reading in the dark
- according to the journal renewable fuels from algae: an answer to debatable land based fuels algae are a source for biofuels that could
- as the douglases went down the maxwells rose, and the debatable land on the south-east of dumfriesshire was for generations the scene of
- the territory to the north of it, south gondor, later became a debatable land. south of harnen lay the land of near harad . beginning in the

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