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Burnet Bur"net, n. [OE. burnet burnet; also, brownish (the plant perh. being named from its color), fr. F. brunet, dim. of brun brown; cf. OF. brunete a sort of flower. See Brunette.] (Bot.) A genus of perennial herbs (Poterium); especially, P.Sanguisorba, the common, or garden, burnet. Burnet moth (Zo["o]l.), in England, a handsome moth (Zyg[ae]na filipendula), with crimson spots on the wings. Burnet saxifrage. (Bot.) See Saxifrage. Canadian burnet, a marsh plant (Poterium Canadensis). Great burnet, Wild burnet, Poterium (or Sanguisorba) oficinalis.

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- name six-spot burnet , image zygaena filipendula 240503. the six-spot burnet, zygaena filipendulae, is a day-flying moth of the family
- file:zygaena filipendula 240503. nuptial gifts are widespread in insects such as the six-spot burnet (zygaena filipendulae), and comprise

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