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- an abbreviation (from latin brevis, meaning short) is a shortened form of a word or phrase . usually, but not always, it consists of a
- scribal abbreviations, or sigla (singular: siglum and sigil) are the abbreviation s used by ancient and medieval scribes writing in latin
- (icbn in botany, it is customary (though not obligatory) to abbreviate author names according to a recognised list of standard abbreviations .
- abbreviations: for the meaning of the standard german railway abbreviations (bf etc.) used in the main table below see: railway station
- morse code abbreviations differ from prosigns for morse code in that they observe normal interletter spacing; that is, they are not 'run
- than was possible with the older silver halide technology this has led to a proliferation of new abbreviation s, acronyms and initialisms .
- style width'120px' , abbreviation settlement district official name division cup other information , abc , vaasa , vaasa ,
- this abbreviation has several interpretations, the most common one being 'mobile subscriber integrated services digital network-number
- iso 3166-2 iso 3166-2:br is the entry for brazil in iso 3166-2 , part of the iso 3166 standard published by the international
- abbreviations !: abbreviation! japanese! original word! japanese! meaning , bukatsu ja , 部活 , bukatsudō , 部活動 , after-school club shāshin ja ,

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