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Aboard A*board", prep. 1. On board of; as, to go aboard a ship. 2. Across; athwart. [Obs.] Nor iron bands aboard The Pontic Sea by their huge navy cast. --Spenser.

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- this list of ship directions explains dozens of related terms such as fore, aft, astern, aboard, or topside. for background, see below:
- all aboard may refer to: all aboard (film), a 1917 comedy short starring harold lloyd. all aboard! rosie's family cruise , a 2006 american
- the lighter aboard ship (lash) system refers to the practice of loading barge s (lighters ) aboard a larger vessel for transport .
- all aboard is a 1917 american short comedy film starring harold lloyd plot: a father takes his daughter on a trip to bermuda in an attempt
- everyone aboard is the third studio album by canadian country music group doc walker . the album was nominated for country recording of
- all aboard florida is a proposed higher-speed rail service which would operate along the florida east coast railway . the proposed
- innocents aboard is a short story collection by american science fiction and fantasy author gene wolfe published in 2004.
- 'all aboard' is the first single by the english electronic music band the lucky monkeys , an incarnation of fluke versions - ,
- although the book of genesis in the bible does not give any further information about the four women it says were aboard noah's ark
- the subject of birth aboard aircraft and ships is one with a long history in public international law . the law on the subject is complex

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