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Advance Ad*vance", v. i. 1. To move or go forward; to proceed; as, he advanced to greet me. 2. To increase or make progress in any respect; as, to advance in knowledge, in stature, in years, in price. 3. To rise in rank, office, or consequence; to be preferred or promoted. Advanced to a level with ancient peers. --Prescott., Advance Ad*vance", a. Before in place, or beforehand in time; -- used for advanced; as, an advance guard, or that before the main guard or body of an army; advance payment, or that made before it is due; advance proofs, advance sheets, pages of a forthcoming volume, received in advance of the time of publication., Advance Ad*vance", n. [Cf. F. avance, fr. avancer. See Advance, v.] 1. The act of advancing or moving forward or upward; progress. 2. Improvement or progression, physically, mentally, morally, or socially; as, an advance in health, knowledge, or religion; an advance in rank or office. 3. An addition to the price; rise in price or value; as, an advance on the prime cost of goods. 4. The first step towards the attainment of a result; approach made to gain favor, to form an acquaintance, to adjust a difference, etc.; an overture; a tender; an offer; -- usually in the plural. [He] made the like advances to the dissenters. --Swift. 5. A furnishing of something before an equivalent is received (as money or goods), towards a capital or stock, or on loan; payment beforehand; the money or goods thus furnished; money or value supplied beforehand. I shall, with pleasure, make the necessary advances. --Jay. The account was made up with intent to show what advances had been made. --Kent. In advance (a) In front; before. (b) Beforehand; before an equivalent is received. (c) In the state of having advanced money on account; as, A is in advance to B a thousand dollars or pounds.

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- advance may refer to: advance, an offensive push in sports, games, thoughts, military combat, or sexual or romantic pursuits. advance payment
- despite the competitors' best efforts, nintendo maintained its majority market share with the game boy advance. game boy advance
- advance publications, inc., is an american media company owned by the descendants of s.i. newhouse sr., donald newhouse and s.i.
- an advance payment, or simply an advance, is the part of a contract ually due sum that is paid or received in advance for goods or services
- the vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation . seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force.
- advance auto parts, is headquartered in roanoke , virginia and is now the largest retailer of automotive replacement parts and
- they also recognised within these jerusalem operations, the successful second attempt on 21 and 22 december 1917 to advance across the
- the last part of burgoyne's proposal, the advance by howe up the hudson from new york city, proved to be the most controversial part of the
- the need for advancing the timing of the spark is because fuel does not completely burn the instant the spark fires, the combustion gas ses
- fighting between the advancing egyptian expeditionary force (eef) and the retreating yildirim army group , occurred after the battle of

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