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- aegialomys xanthaeolus, also known as the yellowish oryzomys or yellowish rice rat, is a species of rodent in the family cricetidae .
- aegialomys galapagoensis, also known as the galápagos rice rat or galápagos oryzomys is a species of rodent in the family cricetidae from
- aegialomys is a genus of oryzomyine rodent s from the lowlands and mountains of western peru and ecuador , including the galápagos
- clade d includes drymoreomys eremoryzomys , cerradomys , sooretamys , oryzomys , lundomys , pseudoryzomys , holochilus , aegialomys ,
- species and one endemic subspecies: the barrington land iguana (conolophus pallidus) and the santa fe rice rat (aegialomys galapagoensis bauri).
- other rodents restricted to the galápagos include megaoryzomys curioi and aegialomys galapagoensis . references: id 13000734 , page
- its sister group may be a clade of oryzomyines living in open or aquatic habitats, comprising, among others, aegialomys , nectomys and
- weksler, percequillo, and voss created ten new genera—aegialomys , cerradomys , eremoryzomys , euryoryzomys , hylaeamys , mindomys ,
- genus aegialomys galápagos rice rat , aegialomys galapagoensis. yellowish rice rat , aegialomys xanthaeolus. genus amphinectomys - ucayali
- order: rodent ia (rodents): genus: aegialomys galapagos rice rat aegialomys galapagoensis vu. yellowish rice rat aegialomys xantheolus lr/lc

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