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- ahmadiyya. (ɑː , m , ə , ˈ , d , i , (j) , ə أحمدية; احمدِیہ is an islamic reformist movement founded in british india near the end of the
- the ahmadiyya muslim community. (الجماعة الإسلامية الأحمدية. transliterated. al-jamā'ah al-islāmīyyah al-ahmadīyyah; احمدیہ مسلم جماعت
- the ahmadiyya stream of islam emerged from the sunni tradition of islam and its adherents believe in all the five pillars and articles
- the lahore ahmadiyya movement for the propagation of islam, ahmadiyya anjuman ishaat-i-islam lahore. (احمدیہ انجمنِ اشاعتِ اسلام
- this is a list of mosques , hospitals , schools and other structures throughout the world that are constructed/owned by the ahmadiyya
- 'the ahmadiyya university') is an international islamic seminary and educational institute with campuses in pakistan, united kingdom,
- the view on the prophets of god (arabic : نبي) in ahmadiyya islam differs with that of christianity , orthodox islam , zoroastrianism ,
- majlis khuddam-ul-ahmadiyya. (مجلس خادم الاحمدیہ. is one of the three suborganizations of the ahmadiyya muslim community . the other two being
- muslim television ahmadiyya (mta) is the global satellite tv network consisting of 4 international channels run and funded by the ahmadiyya
- similar to mainstream islamic views on jesus , the ahmadiyya movement also consider that jesus was a mortal man, but unlike the majority

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