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- references : com/united-arab-emirates/al-ain-uae-abu-alain. htm al ain tourist attractions. http://awpr. ae/home/about/welcome. aspx al ain
- alain may refer to: alain (given name), common given name. alain (surname) 1969 alain (1935 cg), a main-belt asteroid discovered in 1935
- alain (علايين, also romanize d as ‘alā’īn is a village in lavasan-e bozorg rural district , lavasanat district , shemiranat county , tehran
- alain marie pascal prost, obe , chevalier de la légion d'honneur (born 24 february 1955 in lorette, loire ) is a french racing driver.
- alain is also widely used as a personal name and is the french form of alan : alain, bishop of auxerre (died 1185), cistercian abbot and
- alain boublil (born 1941) is a musical theatre lyricist and librettist , best known for his collaborations with the composer claude-
- alain ferté (born 8 october 1955 in falaise, calvados ) is a professional racing driver. he is the elder brother of michel ferté , who is
- alain i of albret (1440-1522), called 'the great', was a powerful french aristocrat. he was 16th lord of albret , viscount of tartas , the
- sibiri alain traoré (born 1 january 1988 in bobo dioulasso ) commonly known as alain traoré, is a burkinabé footballer who mainly plays
- Émile-auguste chartier (3 march 1868 – 2 june 1951), commonly known as alain, was a french philosopher, journalist, and pacifist

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