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- andrachne is a genus of flowering plant s in the family phyllanthaceae . genera in the tribe poranthereae andrachne comprises 22 species .
- arbutus andrachne, commonly called the greek strawberry tree, is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the family ericaceae , native to the
- andrachne schweinfurthii is a species of plant in the phyllanthaceae family. it is endemic to yemen . its natural habitat s are
- phyllanthopsis phyllanthoides (buckbrush or maidenbush), is a plant of the genus andrachne , native to the south-central united states
- some species of andrachne , antidesma , margaritaria , and phyllanthus are in cultivation a few species of antidesma , baccaurea ,
- distributed into eight genera the largest genera and the number of species in each are actephila (31), meineckia (30), and andrachne (22).
- andrachne ovata lam. ex poir. clutia androgyna l. (basionym ) phyllanthus acidissimus noronha (nom inval.) p. speciosus noronha (nom
- phyllanthopsis phyllanthoides had been placed in leptopus or andrachne and phyllanthopsis arida had been placed in andrachne.
- recognition of archileptopus makes leptopus paraphyletic phyllanthopsis phyllanthoides has been placed in leptopus as well as in andrachne .
- it had been included in the genus andrachne , but in 2007, a molecular phylogenetic study of dna sequence s showed that it did not

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