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Approximately Ap*prox"i*mate*ly, adv. With approximation; so as to approximate; nearly.

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- approximately may refer to: approximation circa.
- unfortunately no consistent notation is used throughout mathematics and some texts will use ≈ to mean approximately equal and ~ to mean
- in computer science and operations research , approximation algorithms are algorithm s used to find approximate solutions to optimization
- ctopic background. in physics , the moyal bracket is the suitably normalized antisymmetrization of the phase-space star product .
- date february 2008 shropshire 's geology is very diverse and most geological periods of time, and most rock types, can be found within the
- approximately infinite universe is a double album by yoko ono , released in early com/music/albumreviews/approximately-infinite-universe-
- 'queen jane approximately' is a song from bob dylan 's 1965 album highway 61 external links : com/#/songs/queen-jane-approximately lyrics
- in computational learning theory , probably approximately correct learning (pac learning) is a framework for mathematical analysis of
- in operator algebra s, an algebra is said to be approximately finite dimensional if it contains an increasing sequence of finite dimensional
- in mathematics , an approximately finite dimensional (af) c*-algebra is a c*-algebra that is the inductive limit of a sequence of finite-

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