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Australian Aus*tra"li*an, a. [From L. Terra Australis southern land.] Of or pertaining to Australia. -- n. A native or an inhabitant of Australia.

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- population_estimate_rank 52nd , population_estimate_year id 0 , name australia , change increase - , currency australian dollar , currency_
- australians (local people born in australia (including norfolk island, cocos (keeling) islands and christmas island) on or after 20 august
- the australian dollar (sign : $; code : aud) is the currency of the commonwealth of australia , including christmas island , cocos
- indigenous australians are the original inhabitants of the australian continent and nearby islands indigenous australians migrated from
- the australian cricket team is the national cricket team of australia. it is the joint oldest team in test cricket , having played in the
- the aria charts are the main australia n music sales chart s, issued weekly by the australian recording industry association .
- the australian national rugby league team (or the kangaroos) have represented australia in senior men's rugby league football competition
- the australian army is australia 's military land force. it is part of the australian defence force (adf) along with the royal australian
- the australian recording industry association (aria) is a trade group representing the australian recording industry which was established
- the royal australian air force (raaf) is the air force branch of the australian defence force . traditions of the australian flying corps

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Australian ballot Aus*tra"li*an bal"lot (Law) A system of balloting or voting in public elections, originally used in South Australia, in which there is such an arrangement for polling votes that secrecy is compulsorily maintained, and the ballot used is an official ballot printed and distributed by the government.

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- the secret ballot is a voting method in which a voter 's choices in an election or the first city to start using australian ballot in the
- ballots would also randomly be thrown out if there were more ballots in a box than registered voters. the multiple ballot box requirements
- was an act of the government of victoria which introduced voting by secret ballot . the united states, it was called 'the australian ballot'.
- a political writer and reformer, dunn worked on ballot reform issues based on the australian ballot system, authored a new indianapolis
- ballot access rules, called nomination rules outside the united states , regulate the so-called 'australian ballot ' beginning in the 1880s.
- the massachusetts ballot act of 1888 was the first us state law requiring secret ballot s (then known as australian ballots, and
- ballots assigned to the eliminated candidate are recounted and this is shown in the example australian ballot above. the mechanics of the
- he prepared the clauses of the south australian act of 1856 that instituted voting by ballot and those of the act of 1858 that provided for
- the australian democrats has been termed a centrist political party in australia democracy through postal ballots of all members, so that
- (australian ballot ) to fight corruption ivins was also member of the honest ballot association, the city reform club, and ballot reform

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Koala Ko*a"la, n. A tailless marsupial (Phascolarctos cinereus), found in Australia. The female carries her young on the back of her neck. Called also Australian bear, native bear, and native sloth.

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- the north sydney bears are an australian rugby league football club based in north sydney, new south wales . they compete in the new
- birmingham bears are an australian rules football team in the city of birmingham, england . the bears were set up in the winter of 2008/
- a drop bear or dropbear is a fictitious australia n marsupial drop bears are on yourself, and only speaking english in an australian accent
- the kenmore australian football club, also known as the kenmore bears is an australian rules football club formed as an off-shoot of an
- bear is a 2011 australian short black comedy drama film directed by nash edgerton and written by david michod and nash edgerton the
- the bear pit is a 2000 novel from australian author jon cleary . it was the seventeenth book featuring sydney detective scobie malone and
- the free the bears fund is an australia n charitable wildlife -protection one such request from an australian businessman, john stephens
- peter diversi was an australian rugby league player for the north sydney bears and manly-warringah sea eagles new south wales and for
- mary hutton is the australian founder of the free the bears fund , and an animal activist activism: extraction of bile from an asiatic black bear .
- the brisbane football club, formerly nicknamed the bears was an australian rules football club and the first queensland-based club in the

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Honeysuckle Hon"ey*suc`kle, n. [Cf. AS. hunis?ge privet. See Honey, and Suck.] (Bot.) One of several species of flowering plants, much admired for their beauty, and some for their fragrance. Note: The honeysuckles are properly species of the genus Lonicera; as, L. Caprifolium, and L. Japonica, the commonly cultivated fragrant kinds; L. Periclymenum, the fragrant woodbine of England; L. grata, the American woodbine, and L. sempervirens, the red-flowered trumpet honeysuckle. The European fly honeysuckle is L. Xylosteum; the American, L. ciliata. The American Pinxter flower (Azalea nudiflora) is often called honeysuckle, or false honeysuckle. The name Australian honeysuckle is applied to one or more trees of the genus Banksia. See French honeysuckle, under French.

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- honeysuckle creek tracking station. display inline , name honeysuckle creek much of this was dramatized in the 2000 australian film the dish .
- honeysuckle is a near completed 50 harbour in new south wales , australia . inner city lifestyle - a recent trend among australian cities.
- honeysuckle s are vines in the genus lonicera honeysuckle creek tracking station , a nasa tracking station near canberra, australia.
- representative icon of a typical australian country town located along the murrumbidgee river and muniong, honeysuckle, kimo, mooney
- violet town is a town in northeastern victoria , australia. the town is on honeysuckle creek and has many streets named after flowers.
- leycesteria formosa (himalayan honeysuckle, flowering nutmeg, himalaya nutmeg or noxious invasive species in australia, new zealand, the
- buderim is an urban centre on the sunshine coast, queensland , australia. aboriginal word for the hairpin honeysuckle, (badderam) banksia
- known as honeysuckle grevillea, is a shrub or species that is native to inland australia . 17 july 2011 , work australian plant name index
- park , in the australian capital territory , particularly noted for its slab climbing . however, it was not until honeysuckle creek
- saw-tooth banksia and red honeysuckle, is a species of woody shrub or tree of the banksia serrata occurs on the australian mainland from

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Lancewood Lance"wood`, n. (Bot.) A tough, elastic wood, often used for the shafts of gigs, archery bows, fishing rods, and the like. Also, the tree which produces this wood, Duguetia Quitarensis (a native of Guiana and Cuba), and several other trees of the same family (Anonase[ae]). Australian lancewood, a myrtaceous tree (Backhousia Australis).

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- b. myrtifolia is also known as carrol, carrol ironwood, neverbreak, ironwood or grey myrtle, or australian lancewood. cinnamon myrtle is a
- harpullia pendula, known as the tulipwood or tulip lancewood is a small to medium sized rainforest tree from australia . the tree's small
- lancewood may refer to: trees backhousia myrtifolia , australian lancewood. calophyllum candidissimum , a tropical american tree
- pseudopanax crassifolius, horoeka, or lancewood, is a new zealand native tree 08/05/lancewood/ lancewood, indra publishers, australia, 1999.
- ord victoria plain is an interim australian bioregion in western australia and large patches of lancewood acacia (acacia shirleyi) woodland.
- choricarpia subargentea is a rare australian rainforest tree, growing near include giant ironwood, ironwood box, scrub ironwood and lancewood.
- family rutaceae the 7 species, all of which are endemic to australia , are as follows paul g.wilson - satinwood, lancewood satin box,
- the flora of australia comprises a vast assemblage of plant species estimated to prominent features of the australian flora are
- abc radio national and by the australian art press marshall is a his works of fiction include an historical novel, lancewood, about an
- queensland, and lancewood-bulwaddi communities in the northern territory. apostlebirds are not listed as threatened on the australian

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Nettle Net"tle, n. [AS. netele; akin to D. netel, G. nessel, OHG. nezz["i]la, nazza, Dan. nelde, n["a]lde, Sw. n["a]ssla; cf, Lith. notere.] (Bot.) A plant of the genus Urtica, covered with minute sharp hairs containing a poison that produces a stinging sensation. Urtica gracitis is common in the Northern, and U. cham[ae]dryoides in the Southern, United States. the common European species, U. urens and U. dioica, are also found in the Eastern united States. U. pilulifera is the Roman nettle of England. Note: The term nettle has been given to many plants related to, or to some way resembling, the true nettle; as: Australian nettle, a stinging tree or shrub of the genus Laportea (as L. gigas and L. moroides); -- also called nettle tree. Bee nettle, Hemp nettle, a species of Galeopsis. See under Hemp. Blind nettle, Dead nettle, a harmless species of Lamium. False nettle (B[ae]hmeria cylindrica), a plant common in the United States, and related to the true nettles. Hedge nettle, a species of Stachys. See under Hedge. Horse nettle (Solanum Carolinense). See under Horse. nettle tree. (a) Same as Hackberry. (b) See Australian nettle (above). Spurge nettle, a stinging American herb of the Spurge family (Jatropha urens). Wood nettle, a plant (Laportea Canadensis) which stings severely, and is related to the true nettles. Nettle cloth, a kind of thick cotton stuff, japanned, and used as a substitute for leather for various purposes. Nettle rash (Med.), an eruptive disease resembling the effects of whipping with nettles. Sea nettle (Zo["o]l.), a medusa.

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- people with the surname nettle include: kerry nettle (born 1973), australian politician. people with the surname nettles include:
- kerry michelle nettle (born 24 december 1973) is a former australia n senator and member of the australian greens in new south wales .
- vicki worrall bourne (born 22 october 1954) is a former australian democrats australian greens candidate kerry nettle in the australian
- geoffrey arthur ackeroyd nettle qc (b. justice nettle completed a bachelor of economics at the australian national university followed by
- it is a member party of the australian greens . the greens nsw former senator kerry nettle lost her seat in the 2007 federal election .
- the australian greens, commonly known as the greens, is an australian green senators bob brown (tas) and kerry nettle (nsw) were up for
- dendrocnide is a genus of 37 species of shrub s to large tree s in the nettle distribution across southeast asia , australia and the pacific islands
- urtica incisa , a dwarf bush nettle native to australia and new zealand. urtica ferox , a native tree nettle from new zealand- references
- many species have stinging hairs and may be called nettles or urtica incisa poir (scrub nettle ), australia , new zealand. urtica kioviensis
- robert james 'bob' brown (born 27 december 1944) is former australian greens brown and fellow senator kerry nettle interjected during his

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Sloth Sloth, n. [OE. slouthe, sleuthe, AS. sl?w?, fr. sl[=a]w slow. See Slow.] 1. Slowness; tardiness. These cardinals trifle with me; I abhor This dilatory sloth and tricks of Rome. --Shak. 2. Disinclination to action or labor; sluggishness; laziness; idleness. [They] change their course to pleasure, ease, and sloth. --Milton. Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears. --Franklin. 3. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of several species of arboreal edentates constituting the family Bradypodid[ae], and the suborder Tardigrada. They have long exserted limbs and long prehensile claws. Both jaws are furnished with teeth (see Illust. of Edentata), and the ears and tail are rudimentary. They inhabit South and Central America and Mexico. Note: The three-toed sloths belong to the genera Bradypus and Arctopithecus, of which several species have been described. They have three toes on each foot. The best-known species are collared sloth (Bradypus tridactylus), and the ai (Arctopitheus ai). The two-toed sloths, consisting the genus Cholopus, have two toes on each fore foot and three on each hind foot. The best-known is the unau (Cholopus didactylus) of South America. See Unau. Another species (C. Hoffmanni) inhabits Central America. Various large extinct terrestrial edentates, such as Megatherium and Mylodon, are often called sloths. Australian, or Native sloth (Zo["o]l.), the koala. Sloth animalcule (Zo["o]l.), a tardigrade. Sloth bear (Zo["o]l.), a black or brown long-haired bear (Melursus ursinus, or labiatus), native of India and Ceylon; -- called also aswail, labiated bear, and jungle bear. It is easily tamed and can be taught many tricks. Sloth monkey (Zo["o]l.), a loris.

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- the australian native plants society (australia) (anpsa) is a federation of seven state -based member organizations for people interested
- australians (local people born in australia (including norfolk island, cocos (keeling) islands and christmas island) on or after 20 august
- australian native police like units, consisting of aboriginal troopers under the command usually of a single white officer, existed in
- australia has over 1,500 species of native bee . are petition ing for introduction to the australian mainland of the european bumblebee,
- the australian aboriginal languages comprise up to twenty-seven language families and isolates native to the australian aborigines of
- native title is the australian version of the common law doctrine of aboriginal title . native title is 'the recognition by australian law
- invasive species are a serious threat to the native biodiversity of australia and are an ongoing cost to australian agriculture .
- australian english is a non-rhotic variety of english spoken by most native-born australians. phonologically, it is one of the most
- the australian plague locust (chortoicetes terminifera) is a native australian insect in the family acrididae and a significant
- australian limes are species of the plant genus citrus that are native to australia . by indigenous australians as well as early settlers