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Gean Gean, n. [F. guigne the fruit of the gean; cf. OHG. w[=i]hsila, G. weichsel.] (Bot.) A species of cherry tree common in Europe (Prunus avium); also, the fruit, which is usually small and dark in color.

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- prunus avium, commonly called wild cherry sweet cherry, bird cherry, or gean, is a species of cherry native to europe , western turkey ,
- mycobacterium avium-intracellulare infection (mai also known as mac (mycobacterium avium complex), is an atypical mycobacterial infection
- mycobacterium avium complex (mac) is a group of genetically related bacteria belonging to the genus mycobacterium . mycobacterium avium
- mycobacterium avium subsp. avium is a species of the phylum actinobacteria (gram-positive bacteria with high guanine and cytosine
- mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (map) is an obligate pathogen ic bacterium in the genus mycobacterium it is often
- enterococcus avium, a species of enterococcus is most commonly found in birds. rarely, it is also a cause of infection in humans, and in
- not to be confused with prunus avium , meaning 'bird cherry'. image vogelkers bloesem. jpg , image_caption bird cherry flowers , regnum plant
- bordetella avium is a gram-negative , non-fermentative , strictly aerobic , motile bacterium from the genus of bordetella which has been
- 'mycobacterium avium hominissuis' is a species of the phylum actinobacteria (gram-positive bacteria with high guanine and cytosine
- altagonum avium is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily carabinae it was described by darlington in 1951. references

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