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Beetle Bee"tle, n. [OE. bityl, bittle, AS. b[imac]tel, fr. b[imac]tan to bite. See Bite, v. t.] Any insect of the order Coleoptera, having four wings, the outer pair being stiff cases for covering the others when they are folded up. See Coleoptera. Beetle mite (Zo["o]l.), one of many species of mites, of the family Oribatid[ae], parasitic on beetles. Black beetle, the common large black cockroach (Blatta orientalis).

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- pteron, meaning 'wing', thus 'sheathed wing', because most beetles have two pairs of wings, the front pair, the 'elytra ', being hardened
- the volkswagen beetle, officially called the volkswagen type 1 (or informally the volkswagen bug), is an economy car produced by the
- this sort of protective coloration is common and widespread among beetle families, especially those that feed on wood or vegetation, such
- the volkswagen new beetle is a compact car , introduced by volkswagen in 1997, drawing heavy inspiration from the exterior design of the
- dynastinae or rhinoceros beetles are a subfamily of the scarab beetle family (scarabaeidae). of rhinoceros beetles – are for example
- the mountain pine beetle (mpb) dendroctonus ponderosae, is a species of bark beetle native to the forests of western north america from
- the beetle is the name used by multiple comic book characters owned by marvel comics . it is also the name of the three versions of high
- abner ronald jenkins (formerly known as the beetle , mach-1, 2, 3, - iv, and currently mach-v) is a fictional character in the marvel
- the hercules beetle (dynastes hercules) is the most famous and largest of the rhinoceros beetle s. it is native to the rainforest s of
- ambrosia beetles are beetles of the weevil subfamilies scolytinae and platypodinae (coleoptera , curculionidae ), which live in

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Beetlestock Bee"tle*stock`, n. The handle of a beetle.

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