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- verpa bohemica is a species of fungus in the family morchellaceae . commonly known as the early morel (or early false morel) or the
- de orthographia bohemica (on bohemian orthography) is an anonymously-authored latin work from the early 15th century, in which the czech
- gagea bohemica, the early star-of-bethlehem or radnor lily is a flowering plant in the genus gagea of the family liliaceae .
- protacanthamoeba bohemica (or protoacanthamoeba bohemica is a species of acanthamoebidae see also : protoacanthamoeba references
- ascochyta bohemica is a fungal plant pathogen that causes ascochyta leaf spot in campanula species. external links : http://www.
- pennisetia bohemica is a moth of the sesiidae family. it is found in the czech republic , slovenia , croatia and greece the wingspan is
- the porta bohemica was a eurocity (ec) international express train . introduced in 1993, it ran between prague , the capital of the czech
- in 2010 has shown that p. serbica is the same species as psilocybe bohemica described by Šebek in 1983, psilocybe arcana described by
- it is closely related to campanula bohemica , endemic to the krkonoše mountains sometimes it is even considered its subspecies and
- however, it also includes other species, such as comandonia operculata , balamuthia mandrillaris and protacanthamoeba bohemica many

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