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Debenture De*ben"ture, n. Any of various instruments issued, esp. by corporations, as evidences of debt. Such instruments (often called debenture bonds) are generally, through not necessarily, under seal, and are usually secured by a mortgage or other charge upon property; they may be registered or unregistered. A debenture secured by a mortgage on specific property is called a mortgage debenture; one secured by a floating charge (which see), a floating debenture; one not secured by any charge a naked debenture. In general the term debenture in British usage designates any security issued by companies other than their shares, including, therefore, what are in the United States commonly called bonds. When used in the United States debenture generally designates an instrument secured by a floating charge junior to other charges secured by fixed mortgages, or, specif., one of a series of securities secured by a group of securities held in trust for the benefit of the debenture holders., Bond Bond, n. 1. (Elec.) A heavy copper wire or rod connecting adjacent rails of an electric railway track when used as a part of the electric circuit. 2. League; association; confederacy. [South Africa] The Africander Bond, a league or association appealing to African, but practically to Boer, patriotism. --James Bryce., 9. (Chem.) A unit of chemical attraction; as, oxygen has two bonds of affinity. It is often represented in graphic formul[ae] by a short line or dash. See Diagram of Benzene nucleus, and Valence. Arbitration bond. See under Arbitration. Bond crediter (Law), a creditor whose debt is secured by a bond. --Blackstone. Bond debt (Law), a debt contracted under the obligation of a bond. --Burrows. Bond (or lap) of a slate, the distance between the top of one slate and the bottom or drip of the second slate above, i. e., the space which is covered with three thicknesses; also, the distance between the nail of the under slate and the lower edge of the upper slate. Bond timber, timber worked into a wall to tie or strengthen it longitudinally. Syn: Chains; fetters; captivity; imprisonment., Bond Bond, n. [The same word as band. Cf. Band, Bend.] 1. That which binds, ties, fastens, or confines, or by which anything is fastened or bound, as a cord, chain, etc.; a band; a ligament; a shackle or a manacle. Gnawing with my teeth my bonds in sunder, I gained my freedom. --Shak. 2. pl. The state of being bound; imprisonment; captivity, restraint. ``This man doeth nothing worthy of death or of bonds.' --Acts xxvi. 3. A binding force or influence; a cause of union; a uniting tie; as, the bonds of fellowship. A people with whom I have no tie but the common bond of mankind. --Burke. 4. Moral or political duty or obligation. I love your majesty According to my bond, nor more nor less. --Shak. 5. (Law) A writing under seal, by which a person binds himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators, to pay a certain sum on or before a future day appointed. This is a single bond. But usually a condition is added, that, if the obligor shall do a certain act, appear at a certain place, conform to certain rules, faithfully perform certain duties, or pay a certain sum of money, on or before a time specified, the obligation shall be void; otherwise it shall remain in full force. If the condition is not performed, the bond becomes forfeited, and the obligor and his heirs are liable to the payment of the whole sum. --Bouvier. --Wharton. 6. An instrument (of the nature of the ordinary legal bond) made by a government or a corporation for purpose of borrowing money; as, a government, city, or railway bond. 7. The state of goods placed in a bonded warehouse till the duties are paid; as, merchandise in bond. 8. (Arch.) The union or tie of the several stones or bricks forming a wall. The bricks may be arranged for this purpose in several different ways, as in English or block bond (Fig. 1), where one course consists of bricks with their ends toward the face of the wall, called headers, and the next course of bricks with their lengths parallel to the face of the wall, called stretchers; Flemish bond (Fig.2), where each course consists of headers and stretchers alternately, so laid as always to break joints; Cross bond, which differs from the English by the change of the second stretcher line so that its joints come in the middle of the first, and the same position of stretchers comes back every fifth line; Combined cross and English bond, where the inner part of the wall is laid in the one method, the outer in the other., Bond Bond (b[o^]nd), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bonded; p. pr. & vb. n. Bonding.] 1. To place under the conditions of a bond; to mortgage; to secure the payment of the duties on (goods or merchandise) by giving a bond. 2. (Arch.) To dispose in building, as the materials of a wall, so as to secure solidity., Bond Bond, n. [OE. bond, bonde, peasant, serf, AS. bonda, bunda, husband, bouseholder, from Icel. b[=o]ndi husbandman, for b[=u]andi, fr. b[=u]a to dwell. See Boor, Husband.] A vassal or serf; a slave. [Obs. or Archaic], Bond Bond, a. In a state of servitude or slavery; captive. By one Spirit are we all baptized .. whether we be Jews or Bentiles, whether we be bond or free. --1 Cor. xii. 13.

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- bond, bonds, bonded, and bonding may refer to. fiduciary : bond market bond (finance), in finance, a type of debt security. government bond , a
- bond (building object network databases) started development in late 2000 as a rapid application development tool for the gnome desktop
- in finance , a bond is an instrument of indebtedness of the bond issuer to the holders. depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to
- james bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer ian fleming , who featured him in twelve novels and two
- a chemical bond is an attraction between atom s that allows the formation of chemical substance s that contain two or more atoms.
- bond or bond (formerly often typeset as bond in deference to the owners of the 007 trademark is an australia n/ british string quartet
- a covalent bond is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pair s between atom s. known as covalent bonding for many
- the james bond film series is a british series of spy film s based on the fictional character of mi6 agent james bond , '007', who
- royal navy commander james bond, cmg , rnvr , is a fictional character created by british journalist and novelist ian fleming in 1953
- a municipal bond is a bond issued by a local government, or their agencies. potential issuers of municipal bonds include states, cities,

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Bondslave Bond"slave`, n. A person in a state of slavery; one whose person and liberty are subjected to the authority of a master.

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- possibly her most famous television role was the blake's 7 episode 'weapon', in which she played the beautiful former bond-slave rashel.
- evidence and perjured testimony to claim that virginia is not really her father's daughter, but in fact a 'bond-slave' belonging to himself.
- old testament or tanakh: and 'bondslaves', foreigners: 25:44 as for your male and female slaves who may belong to you, you may buy male and
- heart,who with a grain of manhood well resolved might easily have shook off all her snares:but foul effeminancy held me yoked her bond-slave.

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Bondsman Bonds"man, n.; pl. Bondsmen. [Bond, a. or n. + man.] 1. A slave; a villain; a serf; a bondman. Carnal, greedy people, without such a precept, would have no mercy upon their poor bondsmen. --Derham. 2. (Law) A surety; one who is bound, or who gives security, for another.

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- bondsman may refer to: bail bondsman indentured servant , may be called a 'bondservant'-
- a bail bond agent, or bondsman, is any person or corporation that will act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the
- date january 2013 serf , the saint , saint serf , the type of magnetometer , serf small yes serfdom is the status of peasants under
- file:indenturecertificate. jpg , indenture contract signed with an x by henry meyer in 1738 indentured servitude was a form of debt bondage
- blood money is a 1933 crime film about a crooked bail bondsman played by george bancroft , with judith anderson as his longtime lover and
- angelo roppolo (june 29, 1920 - july 2, 2012) was a bail bondsman and political consultant in shreveport , louisiana , who advised
- murray hall was a new york city bail bondsman and tammany hall politician made famous upon his death in 1901, when it was revealed that
- if a bondsman is used and a surety bond has been obtained, the fee for that bond is the fee for the insurance policy purchased and is
- the bondsman's original plan is thwarted by the local marshall who allows the two brothers to abscond. the bondsman then finds himself
- charles devlin (1805 – february 1, 1881) was an american contractor, bondsman and civil servant. century and was the bondsman of several

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Bondsman Bonds"man, n.; pl. Bondsmen. [Bond, a. or n. + man.] 1. A slave; a villain; a serf; a bondman. Carnal, greedy people, without such a precept, would have no mercy upon their poor bondsmen. --Derham. 2. (Law) A surety; one who is bound, or who gives security, for another.

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- such as dallas, texas, bail bondsmen owe thousands of dollars in forfeit fees however, in some states such as florida, this is not the case.
- the path of god's bondsmen: from origin to return: the term merṣād refers to the path from qur'anic verse 89:14; 'verily thy lord watches
- of the three bonded (non- athi) classes, royal bondsmen and religious bondsmen were hereditary while private bondsmen were not.
- it is this tradition that african bondsmen and women brought with them to the new world and which has been transmitted over the centuries
- it is this tradition that african bondsmen and women have transmitted over the years in various forms of expression—in religious
- bondsmen: when a clan warrior defeats an enemy, he is permitted to take that enemy as a bondsman, which is a type of indentured servant.
- however, thief-takers were usually hired by crime victims, while bounty hunters were paid by bail bondsmen to catch fugitives who skipped
- the seabury investigation into the magistrate’s courts exposed the conspiracy of judges, attorneys, police and bail bondsmen to extort
- the bible stipulates the treatment of bondsmen, especially in the old testament there are also references to slavery in the new
- unlike some other jurisdictions, there are no bondsmen or bail insurance policies in canada. history: the canadian law of bail originates from

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Bondstone Bond"stone`, n. [Bond,n.+ stone.] (Masonry) A stone running through a wall from one face to another, to bind it together; a binding stone.

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- date november 2012 date march 2009 perpend stone or bond stone — is a structural element building term used by stonemason s. usually stone

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Bondswoman Bonds"wom`an, n. See Bondwoman.

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- date january 2013 serf , the saint , saint serf , the type of magnetometer , serf small yes serfdom is the status of peasants under
- name the bondwoman's narrative , title_orig , translator , image - , image_caption , author hannah crafts , illustrator , editor
- lyssa rae chapman (born june 10, 1987), more commonly known as 'baby lyssa', is an american bail bondswoman and bounty hunter , most noted
- marjorie armstrong 'markie' post (born november 4, 1950 is an american actress, best known for her roles as bail bondswoman terri michaels
- on their way to kiev, yaropolk's bride, rogneda of polotsk , offended dobrynya by calling his sister a 'bondswoman'. dobrynya took his
- a bail bond agent, or bondsman, is any person or corporation that will act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the
- sources : the bondswoman's narrative. warner books. isbn 0-7628-7682-4“ blackening bleak house: hannah crafts's the bondwoman's narrative,” in
- html narrative of sojourner truth; a bondswoman of olden time, emancipated by the new york legislature in the early part of the present
- tim, a third generation bondsman, is the son of ronald chapman and a colorado bondswoman, diane wimberly, whose slogan was, 'let a blond
- 08 , shortsummary a bondswoman named ethel mae haven uses disguise to bail her client out of a murder charge when his life is threatened. ,