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- the borneo rainforest is one of the few remaining natural habitats for the endangered bornean orangutan . the bornean clouded leopard ,
- the bornean languages are a geographic group of austronesian language families indigenous to the island of borneo , with the exclusion of
- the bornean orangutan, pongo pygmaeus, is a species of orangutan native to the island of borneo . together with the sumatran orangutan ,
- the bornean banded pitta (hydrornis schwaneri) is a species of bird in the pittidae family. it is found only in borneo it was formerly
- müller's bornean gibbon (hylobates muelleri), also known as the grey gibbon, is a primate in the hylobatidae or gibbon family.
- the bornean bristlehead (pityriasis gymnocephala), also variously known as the bristled shrike, bald-headed crow or the bald-headed wood-
- the bornean bearded pig (sus barbatus), also known ambiguously as the bearded pig, is a species of pig . it can be recognized by its
- the bornean slow loris (nycticebus menagensis) or philippine slow loris is a strepsirrhine primate and a species of slow loris that is
- the bornean peacock-pheasant (polyplectron schleiermacheri) is a medium-sized pheasant . it is probably the rarest and certainly the least
- the bornean treepie (dendrocitta cinerascens) is a passerine bird belonging to the dendrocitta genus of treepie s in the crow family,

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