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- bosnia and herzegovina. (audio en-us-bosnia and herzegovina. ogg , ' , b , ɒ , z , n , i , ə , _ , æ , n , d , _ , h , ɛ , r , t , s , ə , g
- the bosnian war was an international armed conflict that took place in bosnia and herzegovina between 6 april 1992 and 14 december 1995.
- the bosnia and herzegovina national football team (bosnian /croatian /serbian : nogometna/fudbalska reprezentacija bosne i hercegovine;
- bosnia (bosna; cyrillic : Босна, bɔ̂sna , pron) is an eponymous region of bosnia and herzegovina . it encompasses roughly 80% of the
- bosnians (bosnian : bosanci, croatian : bosanci, serbian : Босанци / bosanci) are people who reside in, or descend from, bosnia .
- the federation of bosnia and herzegovina. fbih. ogg , listen (federacija bosne i hercegovine the sovereign country of bosnia and herzegovina
- the kingdom of bosnia (bosnian : bosansko kraljevstvo, Босанско краљевство), was a medieval kingdom that evolved from the banate of bosnia
- the socialist republic of bosnia and herzegovina. (socijalistička republika bosna i hercegovina, Социјалистичка pепублика Босна и Херцеговина
- the eyalet of bosnia (eyalet-i bosna or bosnia beylerbeylik. (bosna beylerbeyliği. territory of the present-day state of bosnia and herzegovina .
- bosnian. (bs , bosanski / босански bɔ̌sanskiː is a standardized variety of the serbo-croatian language

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