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Boundary Bound"a*ry, n.; pl. Boundaries [From Bound a limit; cf. LL. bonnarium piece of land with fixed limits.] That which indicates or fixes a limit or extent, or marks a bound, as of a territory; a bounding or separating line; a real or imaginary limit. But still his native country lies Beyond the boundaries of the skies. --N. Cotton. That bright and tranquil stream, the boundary of Louth and Meath. --Macaulay. Sensation and reflection are the boundaries of our thoughts. --Locke. Syn: Limit; bound; border; term; termination; barrier; verge; confines; precinct. Usage: Bound, Boundary. Boundary, in its original and strictest sense, is a visible object or mark indicating a limit. Bound is the limit itself. But in ordinary usage the two words are made interchangeable.

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- boundary (plural: boundaries) may refer to any meaning below, also to border . psychology: psychology. boundaries of the mind , personality
- in topology and mathematics in general, the boundary of a subset s of a topological space x is the set of points which can be approached
- boundary has two distinct meanings in the sport of cricket : the edge or boundary of the playing field, and. a manner of scoring runs.
- borders define geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdiction s, such as government s, sovereign states , federated
- the canada –united states border , officially known as the international boundary, is the longest international border in the world shared
- in mathematics , in the field of differential equation s, a boundary value problem is a differential equation together with a set of
- where plates meet, their relative motion determines the type of boundary: convergent , divergent , or transform . earthquake s, volcanic
- the boundary of m, denoted ∂m, is the complement of int m in m. the boundary points can be characterized as those points which land on
- the boundary country is a historical designation for a district in southern british columbia lying, as its name suggests, along the
- a thermodynamic system is a precisely specified macroscopic region of the universe, defined by boundaries or walls of particular natures,

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