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Bringer Bring"er, n. One who brings. Yet the first bringer of unwelcome news Hath but a losing office. --Shak. Bringer in, one who, or that which, introduces., Bringer Bring"er, n. One who brings. Yet the first bringer of unwelcome news Hath but a losing office. --Shak. Bringer in, one who, or that which, introduces., Outbring Out*bring", v. t. To bring or bear out., Saber Sa"ber, Sabre Sa"bre, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Saberedor Sabred; p. pr. & vb. n. Sabering or Sabring.] [Cf. F. sabrer.] To strike, cut, or kill with a saber; to cut down, as with a saber. You send troops to saber and bayonet us into submission. --Burke., To bring down the house. See under Bring. To keep house, to maintain an independent domestic establishment. To keep open house, to entertain friends at all times. Syn: Dwelling; residence; abode. See Tenement., Play Play, n. 1. Amusement; sport; frolic; gambols. 2. Any exercise, or series of actions, intended for amusement or diversion; a game. John naturally loved rough play. --Arbuthnot. 3. The act or practice of contending for victory, amusement, or a prize, as at dice, cards, or billiards; gaming; as, to lose a fortune in play. 4. Action; use; employment; exercise; practice; as, fair play; sword play; a play of wit. ``The next who comes in play.' --Dryden. 5. A dramatic composition; a comedy or tragedy; a composition in which characters are represented by dialogue and action. A play ought to be a just image of human nature. --Dryden. 6. The representation or exhibition of a comedy or tragedy; as, he attends ever play. 7. Performance on an instrument of music. 8. Motion; movement, regular or irregular; as, the play of a wheel or piston; hence, also, room for motion; free and easy action. ``To give them play, front and rear.' --Milton. The joints are let exactly into one another, that they have no play between them. --Moxon. 9. Hence, liberty of acting; room for enlargement or display; scope; as, to give full play to mirth. Play actor, an actor of dramas. --Prynne. Play debt, a gambling debt. --Arbuthnot. Play pleasure, idle amusement. [Obs.] --Bacon. A play upon words, the use of a word in such a way as to be capable of double meaning; punning. Play of colors, prismatic variation of colors. To bring into play, To come into play, to bring or come into use or exercise. To hold in play, to keep occupied or employed., Gangway Gang"way`, n. [See Gang, v. i.] 1. A passage or way into or out of any inclosed place; esp., a temporary way of access formed of planks. 2. In the English House of Commons, a narrow aisle across the house, below which sit those who do not vote steadly either with the government or with the opposition. 3. (Naut.) The opening through the bulwarks of a vessel by which persons enter or leave it. 4. (Naut.) That part of the spar deck of a vessel on each side of the booms, from the quarter-deck to the forecastle; -- more properly termed the waist. --Totten. Gangway ladder, a ladder rigged on the side of a vessel at the gangway. To bring to the gangway, to punish (a seaman) by flogging him at the gangway., Hammer Ham"mer, n. [OE. hamer, AS. hamer, hamor; akin to D. hamer, G. & Dan. hammer, Sw. hammare, Icel. hamarr, hammer, crag, and perh. to Gr. ? anvil, Skr. a?man stone.] 1. An instrument for driving nails, beating metals, and the like, consisting of a head, usually of steel or iron, fixed crosswise to a handle. With busy hammers closing rivets up. --Shak. 2. Something which in firm or action resembles the common hammer; as: (a) That part of a clock which strikes upon the bell to indicate the hour. (b) The padded mallet of a piano, which strikes the wires, to produce the tones. (c) (Anat.) The malleus. See under Ear. (Gun.) That part of a gunlock which strikes the percussion cap, or firing pin; the cock; formerly, however, a piece of steel covering the pan of a flintlock musket and struck by the flint of the cock to ignite the priming. (e) Also, a person of thing that smites or shatters; as, St. Augustine was the hammer of heresies. He met the stern legionaries [of Rome] who had been the ``massive iron hammers' of the whole earth. --J. H. Newman. Atmospheric hammer, a dead-stroke hammer in which the spring is formed by confined air. Drop hammer, Face hammer, etc. See under Drop, Face, etc. Hammer fish. See Hammerhead. Hammer hardening, the process of hardening metal by hammering it when cold. Hammer shell (Zo["o]l.), any species of Malleus, a genus of marine bivalve shells, allied to the pearl oysters, having the wings narrow and elongated, so as to give them a hammer-shaped outline; -- called also hammer oyster. To bring to the hammer, to put up at auction., Rear Rear, a. Being behind, or in the hindmost part; hindmost; as, the rear rank of a company. Rear admiral, an officer in the navy, next in rank below a vice admiral, and above a commodore. See Admiral. Rear front (Mil.), the rear rank of a body of troops when faced about and standing in that position. Rear guard (Mil.), the division of an army that marches in the rear of the main body to protect it; -- used also figuratively. Rear line (Mil.), the line in the rear of an army. Rear rank (Mil.), the rank or line of a body of troops which is in the rear, or last in order. Rear sight (Firearms), the sight nearest the breech. To bring up the rear, to come last or behind.

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- bring may refer to: dark bring , an evil magic stone in the manga series rave master. erland samuel bring (1736-1798), swedish mathematician
- erland samuel bring (19 august 1736 – 20 may 1798) was a swedish mathematician. bring studied at lund university between 1750 and 1757.
- bring me the horizon are-- a british metalcore band from sheffield , yorkshire . formed in 2004, the group currently consists of lead
- bring it on is a 2000 teen comedy film that was directed by peyton reed and written by jessica bendinger . bring it on again (2004),
- 'bring me to life' is a song by american rock band evanescence . it was written by amy lee , ben moody and david hodges and produced by
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- 'bring the noise' is a song by the hip hop group public enemy . it was included on the soundtrack of the 1987 film less than zero and
- in algebra , a bring radical or ultraradical of a complex number  a is a root of the polynomial: x^5+x+a. (the root is chosen so the
- dark bring (shadow stones in the english anime) are evil magical stones from the japanese anime show and manga series groove adventure
- bring your own device (byod) (also called bring your own technology (byot), bring your own phone (byop), and bring your own pc (byopc)

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