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Cacajao Ca*ca*j[~a]o", n. [Pg.] (Zo["o]l) A South American short-tailed monkey (Pithecia (or Brachyurus) melanocephala). [Written also cacajo.], Pigeon grass (Bot.), a kind of foxtail grass (Setaria glauca), of some value as fodder. The seeds are eagerly eaten by pigeons and other birds. Pigeon hawk. (Zo["o]l.) (a) A small American falcon (Falco columbarius). The adult male is dark slate-blue above, streaked with black on the back; beneath, whitish or buff, streaked with brown. The tail is banded. (b) The American sharp-shinned hawk (Accipiter velox, or fuscus). Pigeon hole. (a) A hole for pigeons to enter a pigeon house. (b) See Pigeonhole. (c) pl. An old English game, in which balls were rolled through little arches. --Halliwell. Pigeon house, a dovecote. Pigeon pea (Bot.), the seed of Cajanus Indicus; a kind of pulse used for food in the East and West Indies; also, the plant itself. Pigeon plum (Bot.), the edible drupes of two West African species of Chrysobalanus (C. ellipticus and C. luteus). Pigeon tremex. (Zo["o]l.) See under Tremex. Pigeon wood (Bot.), a name in the West Indies for the wood of several very different kinds of trees, species of Dipholis, Diospyros, and Coccoloba. Pigeon woodpecker (Zo["o]l.), the flicker. Prairie pigeon. (Zo["o]l.) (a) The upland plover. (b) The golden plover. [Local, U.S.], Angola pea An*go"la pea` (Bot.) A tropical plant (Cajanus indicus) and its edible seed, a kind of pulse; -- so called from Angola in Western Africa. Called also pigeon pea and Congo pea., Dal Dal, n. [Hind.] Split pulse, esp. of Cajanus Indicus. [East Indies], Elcaja El*ca"ja, n. [Ar.] (Bot.) An Arabian tree (Trichilia emetica). The fruit, which is emetic, is sometimes employed in the composition of an ointment for the cure of the itch.

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- caja can refer to: caja or caixa, a spanish savings bank similar to a credit union. caja project , a google security project for 'virtual
- in brazil , the fruit is known by several different names, such as cajá, taperebá and ambaló. in peru , it is known as uvos or mango
- renato adriano jacó moreira, or simply renato cajá, (born 15 september 1984) is a brazil ian footballer who currently plays for vitória
- caja (pronounced ' , k , ah , h , ah kah , hah is a google project and a javascript implementation for 'virtual iframes' based on the
- the caja, a drum similar to a tambora , is one of the three main or traditional instruments of the vallenato music. caja, the slang word
- caja district is one of eight districts of the province acobamba in peru references : peru. instituto nacional de estadística e informática
- caja rural (uci team code: cjr) is a professional continental cycling team sponsored principally by es:caja rural , grupo caja rural , a
- caja madrid, formally the caja de ahorros y monte de piedad de madrid, headquartered in madrid is the oldest of the spanish savings banks
- la caja mágica ('the magic box''), also known as the manzanares park tennis center, is a sports structure located at the park manzanares,
- caja de muertos (english: coffin island or dead man's chest) is an uninhabited island off the southern coast of puerto rico , in the

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