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- catwoman is a fiction al character associated with dc comics ' batman franchise . historically a supervillainess , the character was
- catwoman is a 2004 american superhero film directed by pitof comar and stars halle berry , sharon stone , benjamin bratt , lambert wilson
- catwoman is an action-adventure game based on the 2004 film of the same name starring halle berry . featuring the voice talents of halle
- dc showcase: catwoman, also titled as simply catwoman, is a 2011 short animated film starring catwoman . it is directed by lauren
- shorts about batman (voiced by kirk thornton ), bane (voiced by kirk thornton ) and catwoman (voiced by stephanie sheh ) reimagined in
- the mlf is primarily a group of silver age justice league villains, including batman foes catwoman and the riddler ; vandal savage ;
- created specifically for the show as the head of an oriental criminal organization and a former victim of catwoman . 'the cat and the bat ' ,
- catwoman julie newmar ,  (season 1 & 2) , lee meriwether ,  (film) , eartha kitt ,  (season 3)the comic book character of the same
- catwoman's whip is a steel family-style roller coaster located at six flags new england . consistent with the dc comics antihero catwoman .
- soo lucas, better known as soo catwoman (often written incorrectly as sue catwoman), is an icon of the london punk subculture that sprang

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