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Cerris Cer"ris, n. [L. cerrus.] (Bot.) A species of oak (Quercus cerris) native in the Orient and southern Europe; -- called also bitter oak and Turkey oak.

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- alberto cerri (born 6 april 1996) is an italian footballer who plays for parma , his hometown team. cerri made his debut for parma as a
- quercus cerris, the turkey oak is an oak native to south-eastern europe and asia minor . of quercus sect. cerris , a section of the genus
- franco cerri (born january 29, 1926) is an italian guitar ist, born in milan . franco cerri is considered as “the best italian guitarist
- ectoedemia cerris is a moth of the nepticulidae family. it is found from the czech republic and slovakia to italy and greece .
- quercus coccifera, the kermes oak, is an oak in the quercus section cerris . it is native to the mediterranean region and northern
- quercus cerris , native to europe. quercus laevis , native to north america.
- quincy jones , wilson pickett , shirley bassey , franco cerri , maynard ferguson , stéphane grappelli , aldemaro romero , and tullio de piscopo .
- iannis xenakis costume and set design: c. cerri canzoni* (1997)choreography: mauro bigonzetti music: various artists comoedia* (1998)
- section cerris: europe, asia, north africa. styles long; acorns mature in 18 months, very bitter, inside of acorn shell hairless or slightly
- cerris, the turkey oak and its relatives of europe and asia. styles long; acorn mature in 18 months and taste very bitter. the inside of

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