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King Charles spaniel King Charles span"iel (Zo["o]l.) A variety of small pet dogs, having, drooping ears, a high, dome-shaped forehead, pug nose, large, prominent eyes, and long, wavy hair. The color is usually black and tan.

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- charle sometimes credited as charlie (born manohar velmurugan thangasamy; born 7 february 1952) is an indian actor who has acted in more
- charle edward young (born february 5, 1951 in fresno, california ) is a former american football tight end who played for 13 seasons in
- charle cournoyer (born june 11, 1991) is a canadian short track speed skater from boucherville , quebec . he was part of the world
- image:charles and gay-lussac's law animated. gif , an animation demonstrating the relationship between volume and temperature.
- date july 2013 small yes name charleston , official_name city of charleston , motto aedes mores juraque curat (latin : 'she guards her
- date april 2012 the rt rev charles john corfe (1843 – 20 june 1921) was the inaugural bishop in korea from 1889 corfe was one of the four
- honorific-prefix , name charles edward bothwell , honorific-suffix , smallimage charles edward bothwell. jpg , constituency_mp swift
- charle-philippe van de werve (1706–1776), count of vorselaar , formed part of a very old, important and noble family of antwerp.
- eugene charle sykes (born september 26, 1941 in new orleans, louisiana ) is a former american football defensive back . sykes scored a
- charles, also known as monsieur charle and charles the hungarian (fl. 1734–1755) was a travelling musician. believed to be of french or

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