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- cheshmeh or chashmeh (چشمه) may refer to: cheshmeh, bushehr chashmeh, markazi cheshmeh, markazi cheshmeh, north khorasan cheshmeh, south
- cheshmeh (چشمه, also romanize d as chashmeh; also known as cheshma is a village in valdian rural district , ivughli district , khoy county
- cheshmeh saran rural district (دهستان چشمه ساران) is a rural district (dehestan) in cheshmeh saran district , azadshahr county , golestan
- cheshmeh saran district (بخش چشمه‌ساران) is a district (bakhsh ) in azadshahr county , golestan province , iran . at the 2006 census, its
- cheshmeh ali or cheshmeh-ye ali or chashmeh ali (چشمه علي) may refer to: cheshmeh-ali (shahr-e-rey) cheshmeh ali, chaharmahal and bakhtiari
- siah cheshmeh (سيه چشمه; also romanize d as sīāh cheshmeh, seyah cheshmah, siāh chashmeh, and sīyah cheshmeh; also known as kara aineh and
- cheshmeh shur or chashmeh shur or cheshmeh-ye shur (چشمه شور) may refer to: cheshmeh shur, kerman iran. cheshmeh shur, qom iran
- cheshmeh rugheni (چشمه روغني, also romanize d as cheshmeh rūghenī, chashmeh rowghanī, chashmeh rugheni, cheshmeh roghanī, cheshmeh rowghanī
- cheshmeh kazem (چشمه كاظم, also romanize d as cheshmeh-e kāz̧em, cheshmeh kāz̧em, chashmeh-ye kāz̄ām, and cheshmeh-ye kāz̧em; also known as
- cheshmeh pahn or chashmeh pahn (چشمه پهن) may refer to: cheshmeh pahn, fars cheshmeh pahn, hamadan cheshmeh pahn-e nanaj , hamadan province

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