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- the chibchan languages (also chíbchan, chibchano) make up a language family indigenous to the isthmo-colombian area, which extends from
- the languages of the muisca were dialects of chibcha , also called muysca and mosca, which belong to the chibchan language family.
- macro-chibchan is a proposal linking languages of colombia and nicaragua. these languages were once included in the chibchan family
- the chibchan water mouse (chibchanomys trichotis) is a species of rodent in the family cricetidae . it is found in the andean highlands of
- chibcha, also known as muisca, is an extinct chibchan language of colombia , formerly spoken by the muisca people, a complex indigenous
- spanish conquest of the chibchan nations refers to the conquest by the spanish monarchy of the chibcha n speaking nations, mainly the
- old catío is an extinct chibchan language of colombia (adelaar & muysken, 2004:49). references : category:chibchan languages.
- gold has been a unique and vastly important commodity for both prehistoric chibchan and contemporary people. gold is considered to be
- pronouns: muisca chibchan , hy cha , m ue , asy , toba guaicuruan , a yi m , 'a m , -maji , siona tucanoan , yɨ'ɨ , mɨ̃ ɨ̃ , p'ak'o ,
- rama is one of the indigenous language s of the chibchan family spoken by the rama people on the island of rama cay and south of lake

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