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- antemurale christianitatis (latin for the bulwark of christianity) was a label used for a country defending the frontiers of christian
- the tractatus pacis toti christianitati fiendae, or treaty on the establishment of peace throughout christendom, was the unsuccessful
- myth of antemurale christianitatis: one of the religious versions of this myth is often regarded as myth of antemurale christianitatis which
- europe and was based on a perception of skanderbeg's albania serving as antemurale christianitatis (a barrier state) against 'invading turks'.
- he has written a poem clipaeus christianitatis (the shield of christianity) in praise of john iii sobieski defeating turkey , a series
- the kosovo myth pictures serbia as antemurale christianitatis , similarly to constructions of the other nations in the balkans it is
- for its centuries-long stance against the muslim advances, the commonwealth would gain the name of antemurale christianitatis (bulwark of
- 94: hanc vero laudem isti consules fecerunt quoniam ad honorem dei et tocius christianitatis civitatem almarie ceperunt et summa
- countries also shared a strong catholic history, on the frontier of struggles against the muslims (antemurale christianitatis , reconquista ).
- cz/en/history/treaty-on-the-establishment-of-peace-throughout-christendom/ “tractatus pacis generalis toti christianitati fiendae” deutsche

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