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Antichristianism An`ti*chris"tian*ism, Antichristianity An`ti*chris*tian"i*ty, n. Opposition or contrariety to the Christian religion., Muscular Mus"cu*lar, a. [Cf. F. musculaire. See Muscle.] 1. Of or pertaining to a muscle, or to a system of muscles; consisting of, or constituting, a muscle or muscles; as, muscular fiber. Great muscular strength, accompanied by much awkwardness. --Macaulay. 2. Performed by, or dependent on, a muscle or the muscles. ``The muscular motion.' --Arbuthnot. 3. Well furnished with muscles; having well-developed muscles; brawny; hence, strong; powerful; vigorous; as, a muscular body or arm. Muscular Christian, one who believes in a part of religious duty to maintain a healthful and vigorous physical state. --T. Hughes. Muscular CHristianity. (a) The practice and opinion of those Christians who believe that it is a part of religious duty to maintain a vigorous condition of the body, and who therefore approve of athletic sports and exercises as conductive to good health, good morals, and right feelings in religious matters. --T. Hughes. (b) An active, robust, and cheerful Christian life, as opposed to a meditative and gloomy one. --C. Kingsley. Muscular excitability (Physiol.), that property in virtue of which a muscle shortens, when it is stimulated; irritability. Muscular sense (Physiol.), muscular sensibility; the sense by which we obtain knowledge of the condition of our muscles and to what extent they are contracted, also of the position of the various parts of our bodies and the resistance offering by external objects., Neo-Christianity Ne`o-Chris*tian"i*ty (? or ?), n. [Neo- + Christianity.] Rationalism.

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- christianity (from the ancient greek translation Χριστός, christ os of the hebrew מָשִׁיחַ, mašíaḥ , meaning 'the anointed one and the
- early christianity is the period of christianity preceding the first council of nicaea in 325. it is typically divided into the
- is a person who adheres to christianity , an abrahamic , monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of jesus of nazareth . '
- protestantism is a major branch of christianity . protestants deny the universal authority of the pope and affirm the reformation
- celtic christianity or insular christianity refers broadly to certain features of christianity that were common, or held to be common,
- anglicanism is a tradition within christianity comprising the church of england and churches which are historically tied to it or have
- the history of christianity concerns the christian religion , its followers and the church with its various denominations , from the first
- the latin church considered itself to be the oldest and largest branch of -western christianity a heritage of certain beliefs and customs
- western christianity constitutes the latin church of the catholic church and those denominations historically derived from it, including
- eastern christianity comprises the christian traditions and churches that developed in the balkans , eastern europe , asia minor , the

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