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- by defining a color space , colors can be identified numerically by their coordinates. colors may be defined and quantified by the degree
- color color (pts-dos only) : specifies colors for boot menus. com1 com1 (dr-dos 7.02 and higher only): defines count and logical order and
- colors! is a digital painting application for the nintendo ds , nintendo 3ds , playstation vita , ios , android , and windows 8 .
- this allows it to travel through existing digital ycc data paths, and any colors within the normal gamut will be compatible. the xvycc color
- colors, ( कलर्स) known as aapka colors. आपका कलर्स. in the united states and canada, is a hindi language india n general entertainment
- school colors are the color s chosen by a school to represent it on uniforms and other items of identification. have two colors, which
- later, other colors became widely available and appeared in appliances and equipment. in the 1970s commercially successful led devices at
- colors is a 1988 american police procedural crime film starring sean penn and robert duvall , and directed by dennis hopper .
- specifically, the colors are 'white', 'old glory red', and 'old glory blue the cie coordinates for the colors of the 9th edition of the
- horses exhibit a diverse array of coat colors and distinctive markings . a specialized vocabulary has evolved to describe them.

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