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Compel Com*pel", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Compelled; p. pr. & vb. n Compelling.] [L. compellere, compulsum, to drive together, to compel, urge; com- + pellere to drive: cf. OF. compellir. See Pulse.] 1. To drive or urge with force, or irresistibly; to force; to constrain; to oblige; to necessitate, either by physical or moral force. Wolsey . . . compelled the people to pay up the whole subsidy at once. --Hallam. And they compel one Simon . . . to bear his cross. --Mark xv. 21. 2. To take by force or violence; to seize; to exact; to extort. [R.] Commissions, which compel from each The sixth part of his substance. --Shak. 3. To force to yield; to overpower; to subjugate. Easy sleep their weary limbs compelled. --Dryden. I compel all creatures to my will. --Tennyson. 4. To gather or unite in a crowd or company. [A Latinism] ``In one troop compelled.' --Dryden. 5. To call forth; to summon. [Obs.] --Chapman. She had this knight from far compelled. --Spenser. Syn: To force; constrain; oblige; necessitate; coerce. See Coerce.

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- compelling. see also : compulsory compel.
- government interest, or significant government interest, or compelling government interest, is a concept in law that allows the government
- compelling evidence is a crime novel by italian american novelist steve martini references : uk/m/steve-martini/compelling-evidence.
- think: a compelling introduction to philosophy is an introduction to philosophy book written by simon blackburn . it covers subjects such
- subsequently, the warren court adopted an expansive view of the clause, the 'compelling interest' doctrine (whereby a state must show a
- photic sneeze reflex, also sometimes referred to using the contrived acronym autosomal dominant compelling helio-ophthalmic outburst
- or ˌ , j , ʌ , s latin for 'compelling law') is a fundamental principle of international law that is accepted by the international
- urinary urgency is a sudden, compelling urge to urinate. it is often, though not necessarily, associated with urinary incontinence ,
- combining toasting and singing in an elastic format that encourages rhythmically compelling and texturally impressive vocal embellishments.
- in terrorem, latin for 'into/about fear,' is a legal warning, usually one given in hope of compelling someone to act without resorting to

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