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Consensus Con*sen"sus, n. [L. See Consent.] Agreement; accord; consent. That traditional consensus of society which we call public opinion. --Tylor.

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- consensu, a latin term meaning 'with consent,' appears in several legal latin constructions: alienatio licet prohibeatur, consensu tamen
- nihil novi nisi commune consensu ('nothing new without the common consent ') is the original latin title of a 1505 act adopted by the
- nihil novi nihil novi nisi commune consensu ('nothing new without the common consent') consent of the governed common consent (latter day
- s+10 dated 1 march 689, in the second year of his reign, identifies his father as sæbbi , king of essex (ac consensu patris mei sebbe regis).
- at the same time, he is also busy in his study of natural philosophy and science, writing one of his most famous works, de consensu
- id jl4jcgaacaaj de graecae et latinae missae consensu (1603) and four epigrams to alessandro farnese (cardinal). lamprinos vranas
- de consensu christi et pauli, a criminatione henrici vicecomitis bolingbrokii vindicatio, 1756; de vigilantio, haeretico orthodoxo, 1756;
- author augustine of hippo , authorlink augustine of hippo , title de consensu evangelistarum (on the harmony of the gospels) , date c.
- from the facts surrounding the agreement of the parties (ex consensu). the present case was concerned with whether or not that last
- de simultanea investitura, sine consensu vasalli impetrata: von der mitbelehnschaft, welche ohne des lehn - mannes einwilligung erlanget

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