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Constituency Con*stit"u*en*cy, n.; pl. Constituencies. A body of constituents, as the body of citizens or voters in a representative district.

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- constituency electoral divisions of uk local authorities , wards and electoral divisions of the united kingdom an electoral district (also
- a run-off round was held in seventeen constituencie s on 18 march 2007 189 polling stations were organized to elect 35 parliament members.
- date october 2013 date october 2013 date may 2011 a university constituency is a constituency , used in elections to a legislature, that
- the following is the 1 vidhan sabha constituencieof debagarh district and the elected members of that area , ! no.! constituency!
- the state was the first in india to vote after the electoral constituencie s had been redrawn based on new population data. voting took
- and parliamentarians, 11 are appointed by the taoiseach, and six are elected by two university constituencie s, giving a total of 60 members.

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