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Crataegus Cra*t[ae]"gus (kr?-t?"g?s), n. [NL., fr. Gr. krataigo`s.] (Bot.) A genus of small, hardy trees, including the hawthorn, much used for ornamental purposes.

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- crataegus monogyna, known as common hawthorn or single-seeded hawthorn, is a species of hawthorn native to europe , northwest africa
- crataegus. k , r , ə , ˈ , t , iː , ɡ , ə , s commonly called hawthorn, thornapple may-tree whitehorn, or hawberry, is a large genus of shrub
- crataegus laevigata, known as the midland hawthorn english hawthorn, woodland hawthorn or mayflower, is a species of hawthorn native to
- crataegus pubescens may refer to: crataegus pubescens c.presl. a sicilian hawthorn, sometimes considered to be a synonym of crataegus
- crataegus douglasii is a north american species of hawthorn known by the common names black hawthorn and douglas' thornapple.
- crataegus mollis, known as downy hawthorn or red hawthorn, occurs in eastern north america from southeastern north dakota east to nova
- crataegus chrysocarpa is a species of hawthorn that is native to much of the continental united states and canada . common names
- crataegus mexicana is a species of hawthorn known by the common names tejocote, manzanita, tejocotera and mexican hawthorn.
- crataegus azarolus is a species of hawthorn known by the common names azarole, azerole, and mediterranean medlar. it is native to the
- crataegus songarica is an asian species of hawthorn with black fruit that is sometimes used medicinally. related to crataegus ambigua , a

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Pyracanth Pyr"a*canth, n. [Gr. ? fire + ? a thorn, prickly plant.] (Bot.) The evergreen thorn (Crat[ae]gus Pyracantha), a shrub native of Europe.

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