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- the cricetidae are a family of rodent s in the large and complex superfamily muroidea . it includes true hamster s, vole s, lemming s,
- the neotominae are a subfamily of the family cricetidae . they consist of four tribes, 16 genera , and many species of new world rats
- they are most closely related to the other subfamilies in the cricetidae (comprising the hamster s and new world rats and mice ).
- family cricetidae : hamster s, new world rats and mice , muskrat s, vole s: family muridae : true mice and rat s, gerbil s, spiny mice,
- the marsh rice rat (oryzomys palustris) is a semiaquatic north american rodent in the family cricetidae . it usually occurs in wetland
- muroidea , familia cricetidae , subfamilia sigmodontinae , subfamilia_authority wagner , 1843 , subdivision_ranks tribes , subdivision see text.
- oryzomyini is a tribe of rodent s in the subfamily sigmodontinae of family cricetidae . it includes about 120 species-- in about thirty
- oryzomys couesi, also known as coues' rice rat, is a semiaquatic rodent in the family cricetidae occurring from southernmost texas
- oligoryzomys is a genus of rodent s in the tribe oryzomyini of family cricetidae . many species are known as pygmy rice rats or
- thomasomys is a genus of rodent in the family cricetidae named after british zoologist oldfield thomas . nuclear dna sequence analysis

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