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Squinance Squin"ance, Squinancy Squin"an*cy, n. [F. esquinancie, OF. squinance, esquinance. See Quinsy.] 1. (Med.) The quinsy. See Quinsy. [Obs.] 2. (Bot.) A European perennial herb (Asperula cynanchica) with narrowly linear whorled leaves; -- formerly thought to cure the quinsy. Also called quincewort. Squinancy berries, black currants; -- so called because used to cure the quinsy. --Dr. Prior.

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- species: asperula cynanchica l. - squinancywort asperula euryphylla airy shaw & turrill. asperula gemella airy shaw & turrill - twin-leaved
- asperula cynanchica (squinancywort or squincywort) is a species of flowering plant in the rubiaceae family . its common name is derived
- the larvae feed on galium and asperula cynanchica . external links : http://www. lepiforum. de/cgi-bin/lepiwiki_vgl. pl? chersotis_margaritacea
- the larvae feed on asperula cynanchica , bellis perennis and galium . the species overwinters as a pupa. references : external links
- mountain pastures and various herbaceous plants (asperula cynanchica , galeopsis angustifolia , hippocrepis comosa , teucrium chamaedrys , etc.).
- common milkwort (polygala vulgaris) and dwarf thistle (cirsium acaule other plant species found include squinancywort (asperula cynanchica).
- edinburgh in september 1783 he graduated m.d. for a thesis de scarlatina cynanchica it is not clear whether he ever practised as a
- several localised plant species such as squinancywort asperula cynanchica chalk eyebright euphrasia pseudokerneri, horseshoe vetch
- horseshoe vetch hippocrepis comosa , common thyme thymus praecox , squinancywort asperula cynanchica and common rock-rose helianthemum nummularium .
- wort plants: quinsywort - asperula cynanchica.: common ragwort - jacobaea vulgaris , and some other plants of the genus jacobaea (once

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