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- this resistance involved a wide range of acts of non-cooperation and defiance: this was followed by a period in which the czechoslovak
- the czechoslovak republic (czech / slovak : Československá republika), refers to the czechoslovak state that existed from 1918 to 1938.
- the czechoslovak socialist republic (czech /slovak : Československá socialistická republika) was the official name of czechoslovakia from
- the czechoslovak first ice hockey league was the elite ice hockey league in czechoslovakia from 1930 until 1993, when the country split
- refers to the nationalism of czechoslovaks and czechoslovak culture. motyl , 2001 , pp 111 czechoslovakism was developed by tomáš garrigue
- the czechoslovak government-in-exile (sometimes styled officially as the provisional government of czechoslovakia) was an informal title
- new and extensive czechoslovak border fortifications were also located in the same area. following the anschluss of nazi germany and
- the 1st czechoslovak independent armoured brigade group. (Československá samostatná obrněná brigáda. expatriate czechoslovaks organised and
- the czechoslovak academy of sciences (czech : Československá akademie věd, slovak : Česko-slovenská akadémia vied) was established in 1953
- the czechoslovak republic (czech / slovak : Česko-slovenská republika), refers to the czechoslovak state that existed for 169 days between

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