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- darreh (دره) may refer to: darreh, kerman darreh, kurdistan darreh, markazi darreh, alternate name of darreh garm, markazi darreh, south
- darreh shahr county (شهرستان دره‌شهر) is a county in ilam province in iran . the capital of the county is darreh shahr . at the 2006
- ozun darreh or ozundarreh or owzun darreh or uzon darreh or uzondarreh or oozoon darreh or uzun darreh (اوزن دره) may refer to:
- darreh shahr (دره شهر; also romanize d as darreh-ye shahr is a town and the capital of darreh shahr county , ilam province , iran .
- siah darreh or siyah darreh or seyah darreh (سياه دره) may refer to: siah darreh 1 siah darreh 2 siah darreh 3 siah darreh, hamadan
- darreh eshgoft or darreh eshgoft or darreh eshgaft or darreh-ye eshgaft (دره اشگفت) may refer to: darreh-ye eshgaft, chaharmahal and
- darreh tefi or darreh-ye tefi or darreh tafi or darreh tofi or darreh-ye tafi (دره تفي) may refer to: darreh tefi, marivan darreh-ye tafi,
- duran darreh (دوراندره, also romanize d as dūrān darreh, darrān darreh, darān darreh, darun darreh, and dowrān darreh is a village in
- darreh duzdan or darreh dozdan or darreh dazdan or darrehdozdan (دره دزدان) may refer to: darreh dozdan, khuzestan darreh dazdan, kohgiluyeh
- the central district of darreh shahr county. (بخش مرکزی شهرستان دره‌شهر. is a district (bakhsh ) in darreh shahr county , ilam province , iran

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