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Date Date, n.[F. datte, L. dactylus, fr. Gr. ?, prob. not the same word as da`ktylos finger, but of Semitic origin.] (Bot.) The fruit of the date palm; also, the date palm itself. Note: This fruit is somewhat in the shape of an olive, containing a soft pulp, sweet, esculent, and wholesome, and inclosing a hard kernel. Date palm, or Date tree (Bot.), the genus of palms which bear dates, of which common species is Ph[oe]nix dactylifera. See Illust. Date plum (Bot.), the fruit of several species of Diospyros, including the American and Japanese persimmons, and the European lotus (D. Lotus). Date shell, or Date fish (Zo["o]l.), a bivalve shell, or its inhabitant, of the genus Pholas, and allied genera. See Pholas., Date Date, v. i. To have beginning; to begin; to be dated or reckoned; -- with from. The Batavian republic dates from the successes of the French arms. --E. Everett.

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- date or dates may refer to: common. calendar date , a day on a calendar. date (metadata), a representation term or class associated with a data
- the '.date' generic top-level domain (gtld) is a new extension in icann's generic top level domain programme on the internet .
- the calendar was a reform in 1582 to the julian calendar the motivation for the reform was to bring the date for the celebration of easter
- radiocarbon dating (or simply carbon dating) is a radiometric dating technique that uses the decay of carbon-14 (14 , c) to estimate the
- phoenix dactylifera (date or date palm) is a palm in the genus phoenix , cultivated for its edible sweet fruit . although its place of
- the use of january 1 as new year's day was common in france by the mid-16th century, and this date was adopted officially in 1564 by the
- in the opening round she defeated nadia petrova 6–3, 5–7, 6–4 for her second top twenty victory of 2010 in the second round date-krumm
- one report suggests that online dating businesses are thriving financially, with growth in members, service offerings, membership fees and
- a date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. periods in a calendar (such as years and months) are usually,
- this can be seen in the rise in internet dating, speed dating or gradual exclusivity dating (a.k.a. slow dating). some theorize that

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