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- dedicated may refer to: albums : dedicated (atb album), 2002 dedicated (lemar album), 2003 dedicated (murphy's law album), 1996 dedicated '88–'
- a wide variety of national sports networks, as well as networks dedicated to a single sport, have surfaced in recent years. national sports
- consecrate , the 1995 hardcore album , consecrate (album)religion , date november 2008 consecration is the solemn dedication to a special
- image:evangelist-st.- matthew-and-the-angel. jpg , saint matthew , depicted with an angel, is the patron saint of salerno, italy , bankers
- a dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of internet hosting in which the client leases an
- in the roman calendar , a dies festus is a festive or holy day, that is, a day dedicated to a deity or deities. on such days it was
- a dedicated console is a video game console that is dedicated to a built in game or games, and is not equipped for additional games, via
- dedicate , the racehorse , dedicate (horse dedication is the act of consecrating an altar , temple , church , or other sacred building.
- in computer network s and telecommunications, a dedicated line is a communications cable or other facility dedicated to a specific
- dedicated is the third studio album by german dj and producer, atb . it features 12 tracks including three top hits: 'let u go ', 'hold

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