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- word , phrase , or other set of symbol s the term to be defined is the definiendum . descriptions in part as a way of defining a proper
- in mathematics , an expression is well-defined if it is unambiguous and its objects are independent of their representative.
- found support among many astronomers as it used the presence of a physical qualitative factor (the object being round) as its defining feature.
- in mathematical logic , a definable set is an n-ary relation on the domain of a that can be referenced in the formula defining the relation.
- a defining vocabulary is a list of words used by lexicographers to write dictionary definitions. words should be defined using 'terms less
- in physics , defining equations are equation s that define new quantities in terms of base quantities this article uses the current si
- defining equations are used in: physics : see defining equation (physics) physical chemistry : see defining equation (physical chemistry)
- in genetic algorithms and genetic programming defining length l(h) is the maximum distance between two defining symbols (that is symbols
- defining dulcie is a young adult novel. it is the first novel by author paul acampora . plot introduction: the story follows 16-year-old
- short trips: defining patterns is a big finish original anthology edited by ian com/23-doctor-who-short-trips--defining-patterns big

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