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Describer De*scrib"er, n. One who describes.

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- othnielia is a genus of ornithischian dinosaur , named after its original describer, professor othniel charles marsh , an american
- the describer is shown an image, which he describes to the seekers. internet image search engine to attempt to find the image being described.
- therefore he sent a team consisting of the describers and wu weitang to investigate. they secured the fossil, instructing the local
- in 1994, o'hara became an audio describer for audetel, a trial providing audio description of television programmes for blind and
- the very deeply black north pacific subspecies uria lomvia arra is also called pallas' murre after its describer . description
- the fossil specimen found was 15.5 , cm long, 9.5 , cm of which was tail, but the describers say it was a juvenile. so far this is the
- it was so named because its describer, sir richard owen , supposed it was a marine creature, initially an extremely large crocodile , and
- its describer, joseph leidy , came to recognize the difference and suggested limiting the genus to what would now be seen as ceratopsid teeth.
- dialogue that is in another language from the main one of the film and subtitled on screen, the subtitles are read in character by the describer.
- the generic name anchiornis means 'near bird', and its describers cited it as important in filling a gap in the transition between the

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