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- diachronic or diachronous, from the greek word Διαχρονικός (diahronikos), is a term for something happening over time. it is used in
- historical linguistics (also called diachronic linguistics) is the study of language change. it has five main concerns: to describe and
- this may be distinguished from diachronic, which regards a phenomenon in terms of developments through time. diachronic analysis is the
- the study of lexical changes forms the diachronic portion of the science of onomasiology . the ongoing influx of new words in the english
- the general lines of diachronics of lombard and piedmontese plural declension are drawn here: feminine: in the lombard languages and in
- in the history of english phonology , there were many diachronic sound changes affecting vowel s, especially involving phonemic splits and
- in the history of english phonology , there have been many diachronic sound changes affecting vowels, especially involving phonemic splits
- a phonological rule is a formal way of expressing a systematic phonological or morphophonological process or diachronic sound change in
- in linguistics , univerbation is the diachronic process of combining a fixed expression of several word s into a new single word
- the vorres museum is a diachronic museum of folk and contemporary art in paiania , east attica , greece . its grounds cover 80 , acre ,

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