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- to disseminate (from lat. disseminare „scattering seeds“), in terms of the field of the metaphor of dissemination points to the
- seed dissemination: variations in fruit structures largely depend on the mode of dispersal of the seeds they contain. this dispersal can be
- dissemination is the usual term for the part of the the process that encompasses organizing the dissemination of finished intelligence.
- each nie is reviewed and approved for dissemination by the national intelligence board (nib), which comprises the dni and other senior
- derrida, jacques, 'dissemination', translated by barbara johnson, chicago, university of chicago press, 1981. fiore, robert l., http://links
- eastern bloc information dissemination was controlled directly by each country's communist party , which controlled the state media ,
- a person who is found to have published a defamatory statement may evoke a defence of innocent dissemination, which absolves him/her of
- the topic of information dissemination in general , information information dissemination is a weblog covering international and united
- selective dissemination of information ('sdi') was originally a phrase related to library and information science. sdi refers to tools and
- special data dissemination standard (sdds) is an international monetary fund standard to guide member countries in the dissemination of

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