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- awesome' and 'divinorum') is a norwegian sound engineer and music composer , now living and working in stavern , norway . he has been
- salvia divinorum (also known as diviner's sage ska maría pastora seer's sage, and by its genus name salvia ) is a psychoactive plant which
- salvia divinorum , a psychoactive plant, is legal in most countries. exceptions, countries where there is some form of control, include
- the legal status of salvia divinorum in the united states varies with some states banning it and others are considering proposals for
- salvinorin a is the main active psychotropic molecule in salvia divinorum , a mexican plant which has a long history of use as an
- examples of traditional entheogens include: peyote , psilocybin mushroom s, uncured tobacco , cannabis , ayahuasca , salvia divinorum ,
- siebert has studied salvia divinorum for over twenty years and claims to be the first person to unequivocally identify (by consuming it in
- salvia divinorum , a psychoactive plant. sekolah dasar , an indonesian junior school. sindhi language 's iso 639-1 code. sisters of the destitute
- brett chidester, american teen-age suicide and “poster-child” for brett’s law on salvia divinorum. chidester, arkansas
- a 51-page, non-fiction book about the psychedelic use of the mexican mint, salvia divinorum . divinorum's use in mexico and north america.

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